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Featured Projects

Featured Project: Watson Residence Custom Pool

1. Initial consultation was “Can we actually put a pool in this backyard” due to town restrictions and lot coverage. The homeowners desired a pool their children could enjoy freely while the adults could also have their space to relax and have fun with plenty of room. This resulted in a custom pool design. Dan created a design that could achieve the customers’ expectations (and beyond) while still keeping within the towns restrictions.

2. The design was completed. We then faced the greatest challenge: town approval. Engineer had to draw the plans, they had to meet the requirements and then present them to a variance meeting, hoping for approval. Success! [PDF]

3. The initial concept was in September, by March the town approved the design and we were breaking ground in April 1st. The entire project was completed by June 15th! The kids were swimming as school was out, just in time for summer!

Featured Project: White Beeches Country Club

  1. White Beeches Country Club: We started construction at White Beeches Country Club in the fall of 2008. Our first task was to install a 15’ retaining wall in order to raise elevation to accommodate the new16,000 sqft pool area. The next step was to build a 15’ staircase that we were allowed to design by the project architects because of our expertise in segmental retaining wall construction.

  1. Upon the completion of the lower elevation retaining wall/staircase we started on the upper half, which included a parking lot wall and a double-sided ramp wall. We had been instructed by the club manager that it would not be convenient for them to have the parking lot torn apart during the Holidays. I explained that it would be impossible to build a 10’ wall 1’ away from the parking lot without any demolition.

    When a 10’ wall is built you need 10’ of geo-textile reinforcement in order to prevent wall collapse. Which is an industry standard of how all walls are built. Knowing how important this job was to me, I wanted to find a solution in order to please the club but still build an indestructible wall. I called Joe Powers at Anchor Wall Systems to pick his brain. Long story short we backfilled the wall with stabilized aggregate (Portland, gravel, and water mix) at a maximum 2’ depth and saved the parking lot demolition.
  1. Once we finished patting ourselves on the back, the architects and club decided to throw us another challenge; build a double-sided wall consisting of two types of block. One side of the wall would be entirely of 8” thick block while the other was to consist of five random patterns comprised of wall stone 3.5” and 7” thick.  All things considered, we successfully completed the construction of the wall in seven days.

  1. After the major walls were completed it was time for us to build the biggest waterfall we had ever constructed. We spent approximately two weeks in the middle of February stacking rock. Each rock was hand picked and placed with a purpose.

      5.   After 7 months of work we were able add some amazing photos to the portfolio.


Featured Projects: Ramsey

  1. I have featured this project because unique design and creative freedom I expressed. When you look at the design compared to the finish project most people would say they look exact. I would agree that they do but only myself and the customer know how much changed.
  2. By listening and knowing what the customer was looking for we would collectively made changes on the fly daily. I wanted to create a space that was their own retreat. Being the designer and creator I was constantly thinking of unique features and implementing different materials while I was building. I really wanted to use as much natural stone as possible while using the concrete products for strength and durability. We were able to use the rocks from excavation in our walls as well as re-using the old bluestone patio for a walkway.


Featured Project: Woodcliff Lake

This project started out with a very unique design. What we had to do was find a way to soften all of the angles on the backside of the house while creating enough space to allow for a large table. Once we cleared all of our customer’s questions and concerns it was time to build. The most unique part of this job was all of the bluestone step treads and counter tops. We had all pieces custom cut out of large hand picked slabs.

The customer got the best of both worlds with the strength and durability of interlocking stone with the elegance of natural stone. Every part of this job involved custom cutting, fitting, and chiseling of stone. From initial design to completion not only did the customer deal with Red Oak Landscaping, But they dealt with Dan (owner) to handle all aspects of the job, from permits to plumbing everything had been taken care of.


Our Mission

I believe that anyone with the right equipment can set a stone or plant a tree. When I started this business my goal was not to perform landscaping tasks but to build and create something beautiful that would last forever. That is my way of leaving my mark on this world. I have trained all of my crews to think the same way and to take pride in their craft. To us your job is not just another job, it is our art and we our using your property as our canvas. We only use the best materials and install them the way they should. Our final product is yours to keep.