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Landscape Design Ramsey NJ

There are lots of great benefits by having a well-planned landscape. Primarily, you can expect an orderly appearance since all the landscape features are in the right place. By using the right landscape elements, you can also enjoy maximum functionality and beauty. Everyone can also frolic around safely since there are no hazards inadvertently put in areas where people frequent. In all these, a carefully executed landscape design plan is the primary key. And when it comes to rendering designs that perfectly capture our clients’ desires, we at Red Oak Landscaping is the best company to hire.

We have designed numerous landscapes for clients in Ramsey, Allendale, Wyckoff, Mahwan, Saddle River, Paramus, Ridgewood, Glen Rock, Midland Park, and Franklin Lakes. Since we opened for business back in 2003, we have rendered our expert design services to countless New Jersey residents. To date, we are among the top landscape design companies in the state that people go to. By getting our design services, you can now realize your dream landscape. Call us today.

Unique and Detailed Landscape Designs

One thing that makes a landscape design unique is the details by which the clients’ ideas are rendered. And when it comes to translating what our valued NJ customers want in a landscape, no other landscape designers do the job better than our crews. We can create awesome landscape designs in full color using modern design tools. We use the latest computer design software so we can come up with highly detailed design plans that leave no room for guesswork come installation time.

Additionally, our creative landscape designers can ensure that clients in Ramsey and other NJ cities are satisfied with the design proposal by incorporating their ideas into the design plan. We create vivid design renderings that offer clients a sneak peek into the actual landscape when each landscape element has been installed. This allows for possible alterations since the clients can already foresee the finished landscape setup.

Our Landscape Design Process

Creating exceptional landscape designs is all about following what clients want and adopting appropriate design techniques. Our landscape design process begins with client meetings during which we hear about their expectations and design specifications. We also discuss their budget and the amenities that they want included. Afterwards, we personally visit our clients’ property to get a better idea of the factors that could affect the installation phase. Such factors include the type of soil, the overall topography of the area, the existing or future drainage installations, the total available space, and the like.

Once we’re done with the site inspection, we begin drafting the initial landscape design plan, taking careful consideration of the clients’ needs, budget limitations, and the factors noted during the site visit. We constantly communicate with clients during the design phase to ensure that we’re doing things according to their demands. We provide computer-rendered designs in various perspectives and scales so clients can visualize the landscape from different angles. We also include a rough estimate as to how much the entire project will cost you so you can prepare the necessary budget. The results of such meticulous process are designs that are highly personalized, realistic, and truly outstanding. Residents of Ramsey, NJ and other areas that we serve should waste no time in making their desired landscapes a reality. Call us today at (201) 445-8804.