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Landscape Design

Landscape Design Options

If you’re looking for a custom design that would best suit your landscape design needs and preferences, then we’re the right company to hire. You may choose from common design themes and styles such as contemporary, modern, Japanese inspired, or English. What our designers will do is to use your chosen design theme to achieve a custom look. If you desire, we can design your outdoors in a fully personalized way, which means it won’t adopt any of the themes mentioned.

But whichever theme you choose for your landscape, we suggest incorporating sustainable landscape design principles. By this we mean adopting techniques like xeriscaping, permeable paving, solar landscape lighting, gray water irrigation, and proper shade trees placement. With such environment-friendly features and methods, you can expect low-carbon footprint, minimal utility billing, and truly sustainable outdoor spaces.

Recommended Landscape Features and Amenities

We have always practiced out-of-the ordinary landscape design techniques to provide clients with stand-out landscape features. We also help them choose the perfect amenities that would make their outdoor spaces safe, functional, and appealing. Here are some of the landscape features and amenities that we highly recommend:

  • Softscapes. We love to include annuals, trees, and shrubs that are endemic to New Jersey to ensure their survival and proper growth. Among others, we recommend red oak, evergreen, dogwood, redbud, cherry, boxwood, azalea, lilac, and gardenia.
  • Water features. Your landscape should include all or any of these water features: ponds, waterfalls, pools, fountains, and bird baths. These amenities will make your landscape relaxing and functional since you can hold socials with family and friends. They will also increase your property’s market value should you decide to sell it in the future.
  • Hardscapes. You may choose from various hardscapes like decks, patios, sitting walls, pathways, retaining walls, and the like. These amenities will complement your softscapes, water, and fire features and enhance your landscape’s beauty, functionality, and safety.
  • Fire features. You should always be ready for winter and cold nights and mornings, which is why we recommend having fire features installed in your yard. We can include such outstanding fire amenities like fire pit, fireplace, and fire bowl. You can have them designed according to your preference for custom appeal.
We urge you to contact us today at (201) 445-8804 should you have questions on our landscape design services. Our friendly crews will be happy to accommodate your concerns and sit down with you soon so we can prepare the design for your desired landscape setting. Hire us now and let our design team turn your ideas into the perfect design plan.

Landscape Design:
It all starts out as a thought, an idea, a dream. Dan, Red Oak Landscaping owner, will work with you to turn your dreams into reality. During the design process not only will you visually see the future of your project but you will also be assured that every detail has been accounted for and defined. Red Oak Landscaping offers an advantage by providing a design created by its installer.

The design process…

1. Initial Consultation:
We will set up an appointment with you to review the scope of your project and discuss goals, budget, and concerns for your property.

2. Site Analysis:
We will conduct a site analysis to identify soil type, drainage concerns and elements of topography that affect the design.

3. Conceptual Plans:
Throughout the design process we take your input and begin creating options and solutions for your property.

4. Landscape Plan:
We offer hand drawn plans as well as computer rendered designs that reflect your home or business and contain all the construction details of your desired landscape improvement. From this plan, a construction estimate will be submitted for your review.

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