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Lawn Care

Our Professionally trained crews provide property maintenance services for residential and commercial clients in Northern Bergen County. Our services include the following:

- Spring and fall clean ups
- Lawn cutting
- Mulch
- Topsoil
- Pruning
- Planting
- Lawn renovations
- Gutter cleaning
- Chemical programs
- Snow plowing

SPECIAL: First two cuttings free for all new lawn maintenance customers. Offer valid until 4/1/13.

Professional Landscape Maintenance Services

Landscape maintenance is a regular responsibility for lawns and softscapes, keeping it clean, safe, attractive, and healthy. Responsibilities may include lawn care, periodic weeding and fertilizing, driveway and path maintenance, shrub pruning, caring for the swimming pool, fencing, lighting, drainage and irrigation, and improving the soil, plants and other accessories.

Although some of them can be done by a novice such as yourself, professional landscape maintenance services can ensure that they will cover everything that your yard needs. They have all the right tools, supplies, knowledge, and even manpower to get the entire job done with success and efficiency.

Choosing a Landscape Maintenance Company

Not all landscape maintenance services are operating equally. Here are some tips to help you find the right services for maintaining your landscape:

  • Get the help of a reputable company that has reliable references and satisfied customer base. As much as possible, see how well the company works by checking out the landscape of their clients. You can even ask their customers about their satisfaction rate on the job done by the specific company.
  • Make sure that the company uses the right kind of equipment for your landscape maintenance needs. Most of the time, the success of the maintenance job most likely depends on the kind of tools and equipment the company is using.
  • Take the time to know what services one company has to offer for your landscape maintenance needs. Do not go for cheaper services but for companies that will deal with all the needs of your yard at the best rates possible. Also, check out the specializations of the company. If you need something more than what they specialize, make sure they can attend to your lawn's other needs with quality and efficiency as well.

Landscape Maintenance Services Provider

If you are in New Jersey, you can trust Red Oak Landscaping to take care of your lawn and landscape needs. We are a growing company with a team of highly experienced and skilled landscape maintenance professionals. Since our team also designs and installs landscapes, pavers, pathways, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, lighting, water features, drainage, fencing, and so much more, our team is more knowledgeable in caring for most of them.

With our experienced team, we promise to ensure your landscape will be maintained to perfection all the time. Trust us in caring for your yard as if it is ours. We deliver customer satisfaction at its greatest as we work towards quality and efficiency. Just give us a call today and we will be happy to talk with you about your landscape maintenance needs.

Our Comprehensive Lawn Care Services

As mentioned, we offer a comprehensive lawn care service to residential and commercial clients in the state. But what makes us different from other service providers in the areas we serve? Why most clients from Northern New Jersey choose us for all their landscape maintenance needs? It's our highly personalized service. Red Oak Landscaping is committed to give each client a highly personalized service regardless of the scope of the maintenance task. This approach always results in quality workmanship and well-maintained lawns or landscapes. You can also experience this kind of service by calling us today. Please take a look at how we perform them:

  • Right mowing techniques. All landscape maintenance companies offer lawn mowing, but only a few can provide excellent mowing jobs. Here at Red Oak Landscaping, you will get a vibrant and healthy lawn with our professional mowing service. Our crews will use the right mowing techniques that will encourage proper grass growth. We are very particular about the mowing frequency and the correct setting of our mowers. By cutting at the right height and frequency, the lawn will become healthy and more resistant to pests and diseases.  
  • Proper trimming and pruning. Your trees and shrubs must be pruned or trimmed on a regular basis. This will help maintain their function and aesthetic appeal. Our crews will use only proven methods and techniques when doing the pruning and trimming jobs. We also have complete tools and equipment.
  • Appropriate lawn treatment. Pest and weed infestations are common problems of property owners. They are not only eye sores but also cause damages on your lawn. At Red Oak Landscaping, we know the right treatment for all types of lawn pests and weed. We use only environment-friendly lawn care approach such as the use of industry-approved herbicides and pesticides.
  • Soil improvement. The beauty and health of your plantings greatly depend on the soil quality. We can improve your garden soil by applying mulches or topsoil, when necessary. We will also create a custom fertilization program for your turf and other softscape elements.
  • Ensure spic and span lawns. Ensuring the cleanliness of your lawn is a tough lawn care job. And here at Red Oak Landscaping, we can help you ease your burden. We can perform seasonal clean-ups on your lawn or you can call us for an emergency clean-up job. We have complete tools, so you are assured of a spic and span lawn all year round.


Trust the Experts in Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance

We've been offering our lawn care and maintenance services since 2003, so we have mastered all the methods and techniques for proper landscape care. With us, there won't be any guesswork. You'll get expert maintenance service from seasoned landscapers. Please call (201) 445-8804 today.