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Pavers & Slabs

We have been installing pavers and slabs for our clients throughout Allendale, Wyckoff, Ramsey and surrounding areas, for many years. With a team of experienced and well-trained paving contractors on staff; it is our job to provide you with superior paving installations that will last a lifetime. With the use of top grade materials and professional techniques; you will be delighted with our paving and slab installation services.

Types of Pavers

With an ever-increasing demand in the market for paving stones; there is abundance of choices to make. What this also means is that sometimes it can be overwhelming when deciding which type of paver to use for your project. This is where we at Red Oak Landscaping can assist you in the selection of the right type of paver for your particular project.

Some of the more popular materials include:

  • Concrete pavers
  • Brick pavers
  • Natural stone pavers
  • Grass pavers

We believe that pavers are the ideal material for projects such as driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks and sidewalks. Your design options are endless with all of the materials available in a vast range of shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Let us help you get the best product for you budget and make your property the envy of the entire neighborhood!


If you are in need of a slab for your next construction project please don’t hesitate to contact us at Red Oak Landscaping. We can defiantly help you with type of project. Our teams of contractors have all the experience and knowledge necessary to build you the perfect slab for your residential or commercial site. We have all the right equipment and tools to get the job done efficiently and professionally.

Why Choose Red Oak Landscaping?

We have already mentioned some of the reasons why a lot of New Jersey clients choose us for their property improvement projects. We have lengthy experience in the industry and the capability to design and build any type of outdoor structure. Moreover, we have skilled people with decades of installation experience in hardscaping and property renovation. You can rely on them on all types of construction projects, particularly those that involve the installation of pavers and slabs. From simple walkway installation to building functional outdoor living spaces, there is no other contractor to trust except our team. You will be guaranteed of excellently designed amenities, long-lasting structures, and low-maintenance features.

Another thing that makes us the top choice of most residential and commercial property owners in the state is our highly personalized service. Each client we serve will always get our A1 service regardless of the nature or scope of the project. We will leave your premises only if you are completely satisfied with the results of our work.

Expert Installation of Pavers and Slabs

We admit that there are a lot paving contractors in the state who can also offer outstanding services. But what makes us different is our ability to satisfy the needs and wants of our clients.  Before we install pavers and slabs in our clients’ property, we make sure that their ideas are considered in the design plans.

Here are some more reasons why we are the most preferred contractors when it comes to the installation of pavers and slabs:

  • Fast installation. As a property owner, you want your project to be completed on time to avoid disruptions on your daily tasks or business activities. At Red Oak Landscaping, we can complete a simple paver installation project in a day or two. Working for large projects is not a problem for us since we have complete equipment, enough manpower, and ready access to premium construction materials.
  • Unique designs. If you’re tired looking at your bland and boring outdoor space, let us help you. We can transform your outdoor spaces into more appealing spots by using our creativity and modern design tools. We usually deviate from the typical design plans that are widely available online. Our works are proven unique and custom-designed to suit your needs, budget and available outdoor space.
  • Top-quality materials. By using top-notch materials from our partner suppliers, we give clients pavers and slabs that are appealing, functional, and durable. With us, you can be sure that your amenities will be built with the best materials possible.


Please call our hotline today to get more information about our wide range of services. If you're from Greater Allendale, Wyckoff, Ramsey, and surrounding area, you will enjoy the kind of service that we offer.


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