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Retaining Walls

Do you live in the Allendale, Wyckoff, Ramsey and are looking for a retaining wall contractor? Well you have definitely come to the right place for we at Red Oak Landscaping are your number one wall contractor. We have all the knowledge and skills to ensure that your new wall meets all local building standards and codes. Leave you retaining wall project to a professional team like ours and watch it all come to fruition.

There are many reasons why you may need or want a retaining wall built on your residential or commercial landscapes. Perhaps you have some parcels of land that are not in use because they are on slopes? Maybe you have a grading and drainage issue? Or you could just want to create some aesthetic appeal with the addition of retaining walls in and around your gardens and outdoor spaces?

No matter what type of wall you want to install and for no matter what reason; we can do it all! Our contractors will assess the needs of your land and execute a retaining wall that solves and suites your needs. We like to use the best quality materials that your budget can afford so that you not only have a stunning looking wall but also one that will stand the test of time.

Some of the more popular materials used for the construction of retaining walls includes concrete blocks, brick and natural stones and boulders. The choice is yours and we can of course help you choose the material that will work best for your needs and one that complements the rest of the surroundings and structures on your property!

Tough Retaining Walls

Our company is known in New Jersey for our excellently built retaining walls. All our past clients commend us for the durable walls that we have designed and built for them. In fact, the walls that we built years ago are still in their A1 conditions despite exposure to harsh weather conditions. They can also withstand extreme soil pressure. Our wall designs can retain large amount of soil so they are perfect for areas with steep slopes.

At Red Oak Landscaping, we are very critical when it comes to the quality of the structures that we build. Our people will never work hastily just to complete the retaining wall installation project. They follow the design plan and ensure the project's compliance with local building codes and standards. Moreover, we assign a supervisor to monitor every stage of the project. This is our assurance to clients that the installation is done according to specifications. By building tough retaining walls, we can ensure safer outdoor spaces for our clients, their family, and their guests.

We also use premium materials for our wall installation projects. Our partner suppliers are some of the leading manufacturers in the industry, so clients will get top-quality products and materials. Most of the wall blocks we use have a limited lifetime warranty and guaranteed durable and free from defects. They can be installed faster because of their innovative features. For example, our wall blocks have an interlocking feature that makes installation faster and more convenient. 

Functional and Stunning Walls

Functionality and aesthetics are also our prime considerations when building retaining walls for our clients. Our design team will create walls that will improve the appeal of your outdoor space and enhance its functionality. We have a large collection of retaining wall blocks that can complement with or highlight the architectural design of your home or property. These walls can be used to create additional living spaces in your landscaped area. By installing these structures in your property, we can build a new patio, deck, or sitting area. Aside from the usual wall design, we can also build tiered walls that can be used as flower gardens. This is a good option if you want to add more softscape elements to your landscaping. We can likewise install these walls in strategic areas to highlight certain features in your landscape.

Call Red Oak Landscaping today and tell us your project requirements and ideas. With us, you will get retaining walls that are not only tough but also functional and stunning. Dial (201) 445-8804 now.

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