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The entrance into your home or place of business can represent how the rest of your property is perceived to be. In other words the entryway creates the first impression of what will be indoors.  Part of the entrance is the steps leading to your doors. We have created some beautiful steps over the years throughout Allendale, Wyckoff, Ramsey and surrounding regions of New Jersey. If you are in need of some new steps or perhaps you want to replace your existing steps then you have come to the right place!

At Red Oak Landscaping we will custom design and build steps for your residential or commercial property. If you look at some of our pictures below, you will see some of the projects that we have completed over the years. No job is too small or too large for our company and we will guide you from start to finish. This may also include the surrounding flooring leading up to the steps.

There is a wide range of materials on the market nowadays to choose from and the sky is the limit when t comes to the design options. You can select from a variety of materials such as natural stone, concrete and bricks. Then you also need to think about what type of shape, size and color you would like your steps to be.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today for assistance with your new steps project. We can lend you some of our professional advice and ensure that you get the most beautiful looking end product possible. One of our team members will come out to your property and give a free estimate on your new steps!

The Right Step Designs

While they may seem very elementary, steps actually require a great deal of expertise and creativity to create. Whether they are meant for entrances, porches, or gardens, steps must be created with care and skills so they will last long and enhance the appeal of the areas where they are installed. Most importantly, they must be made by experienced contractors like us at Red Oak Landscaping.

The good thing about adding them to your landscape is that they can help you not only beautify your landscape but also give it a certain ‘personality’ that is unique. Achieving a custom look for the steps is something that would require using very specific materials and approach. For example, you should use bricks, stone slabs, or timber if you want natural appeal and tiles if you prefer a modern look.

Meanwhile, it’s also convenient to simply adopt a particular step layout, such as the plain step and the wraparound step. You may also choose between squared, curved, double, and decorative step designs.

Important Add-ons for Your Steps

We also recommend installing other vital features and amenities to make your steps more functional, safer, and more appealing. You may pick from these add-ons:

  • Step lighting. You will surely appreciate having custom LED lighting installed along your outdoor steps, especially when you go out at night. With step lighting, you can tread the steps without fear of accidental slip and fall – something that will be particularly beneficial if you have kids and seniors walking around your property during nighttime.
  • Handrails. Handrails are another vital addition to any step. Aside from the obvious safety benefits, they can also make the steps more appealing, especially when constructed using wrought iron or stainless steel. We have a lot of past projects that included handrails made of these materials.
  • Coping and caps. If you desire to make the steps stand out and safe for everyone, then we will add coping and caps accordingly. These added details make step edges more noticeable and safer. They also act as icing on the cake since they serve as accents that make the structures more attractive.
  • Flower planters. We can make your steps more nature inclined by adding flower planters along their length. Additionally, our skilled crews can construct the planters, using similar materials for your steps to achieve a uniform look.

Please dial (201) 445-8804 right now for your questions and concerns about your desired steps. We’d be happy to construct them in your landscape soon. So please call us anywhere you may be in Saddle River, Mahwah, Ridgewood, and nearby New Jersey locations!


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